Digital Presence Management

We help build and manage your digital presence, making sure that you’re always relevant on the web.

Digital presence management; what does that even mean? Well, sometimes you just want general digital marketing, a bit of everything.

We offer marketing retainer packages to help manage your online digital presence. This could include helping run mini-ad-campaigns, designing your social media branding, or even writing blogs to keep your website’s SEO up-to-date.

In short, we’ll help generally drive traffic your way through various channels, helping you achieve client acquisition and retainment.

Need digital presence? Here’s why you should work with us:

Great communication

With the nature of this work, great communication is a must. Whatever task you want doing, Groof has you covered and will respond quickly

Jack of all trades

The beauty of this is that there are many different skills required. Rather than going to a hundred different specialists for different sectors, settle everything in one nice space!

Tangible outcomes with explanations

No matter what solution you require from us, you’ll be able to see the outcome of the work. We’ll help educate what is happening before, during, and after our tasks to help give you a better idea of our logic.

Our Work

See for yourself work we’ve done for our clients

Our Digital Presence Services

We’re focused on getting the best outcomes for you and your business:

Maintaining SEO

Search engine optimisation is one of those buzzwords that click-baity agencies love. “We’ll get you to page 1 on Google”. No you won’t. There’s no shortcut to that.


Sometimes you just need a little boost to your business during the slow times. We’ll help design mini ad campaigns to keep clients interested and happy. Stay relevant, y’all.

Whatever you want, we'll find an answer

This is an umbrella service – we’ll help YOU achieve what YOU want. Whether it ads, social media, blogging, seo improvement, mobile UI designs, copy editing, website updates; you name it, we’ll help.

Our Process

We’ll provide clearly-defined project plans and deliverables, for your peace of mind and so you can see what’s due when.


We’ll meet with you (in person or through videocall – your choice) and discuss your exact requirement, offering campaign suggestions and second opinions should you require them. We will discuss which solutions we think will benefit you and why.

Design and execution

Once the plan has been signed off, we will begin working towards your solutions. You will have visibility throughout this process so you can pass on feedback or request changes to ensure that we’re hitting the mark.

Analysis and refinement

Once our digital presence solutions have been launched and run their course, we will analyse the results. Should you want to chase further solutions, we can refine our findings into a better, more targeted approach.

Ready to talk? We're all ears!

Get in touch with our team for a no-obligation discussion. Share your aims, ideas, hopes, dreams, ambitions and anything else you like and we’ll give you all the advice you need to get started.