Small business marketing training – for FREE!

Small business marketing training – for FREE!

Small business marketing training – for FREE! 1024 576 James

Marketing training is something which most businesses can benefit from in some way; indeed, staying up to date and current with the ever-changing marketing landscape is important if you want to maintain a competitive advantage.

Giving yourself and your team access to professional marketing expertise, training and support is crucial to developing your business, but that can be costly. So what free resources are out there that any business can access? And are they any good?

Fortunately, a lot of marketing service providers (businesses who sell marketing tools, software, products or services to other businesses) offer fantastic online resources to help you get to grips with using their products and services – the better they equip you to succeed, the more benefit you see from paying for their product, after all! 

We’ve put together a list of some of the best resources available online for you and your team to use. Some of the courses offer certification too, which is great for individual development!

Here at Groof, we’re big believers in facilitating business success, which is why our guiding principle is focused on getting the best results for your business at the lowest possible cost. For us, that’s all about adding value to your business – we’ll never claim to be the ‘be all and end all’ for your SME business’ marketing needs (though we certainly do want to be your partners in success!). We want you to be able to not only understand marketing, but we want you to be able to do marketing.

So, take a look at our list to see what’s on offer around the web for your business.


Creative and Web Design Training Courses


Adobe provides fantastic training resources to complement its design and creative software packages, including Photoshop and Illustrator. Adobe’s Creative Cloud software is regarded as an industry-standard, so these resources are fantastic for anyone looking for really useful, transferrable skills. Start here.



Codecademy describe themselves as the leaders in online coding and it’s pretty easy to see why. They’ve built courses which use guided, real-life examples and explain potentially complex coding concepts with simple examples and in plain language. Some of their courses are paid, but they offer a great selection of free courses in HTML, CSS and other coding languages.

Get into coding here.



If you’re looking for a completely free option to learn coding, try freeCodeCamp. Not only do they offer you a free route to learn a range of coding languages, the work you do on the courses feeds into real-life projects to support non-profit businesses and charitable organisations – so your success comes with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside!

Get started at


Digital Marketing Training Courses


Social media courses are available from platform providers such as Hootsuite and Quicksprout – again with paid and free options. Hootsuite even has its own ‘university’ where you can get Check these out…



Hubspot offer some great training resources, too. Inbound marketing is the name of their game, so clearly you’d expect material geared towards and around inbound! One of the neat things about Hubspot’s free training is that you get certified – and Hubspot is a market leader in CRM and automation, so there qualifications are widely recognised. Again, check for free and paid options with Hubspot before you join in with anything!



Facebook – current data controversies aside – is one of the world’s largest advertising platforms with a vast audience. Its audience targeting options and array of different ad formats make it a great platform for cost-effective, ROI-led advertising (particularly for B2B) and can complement other social media marketing approaches brilliantly – it’s worked brilliantly as a lead generation tool for one of our clients in particular, so much so that they spend a significant chunk of their marketing budget on Facebook advertising.

To help businesses get the most out of their advertising solutions, Facebook has created Blueprint – it’s comprehensive learning system for getting the most out of them. Definitely worth a go!

Go to Blueprint.



Search engine advertising can be a really effective tool (in fact, one of our healthcare clients uses Google AdWords to generate almost 60 appointment bookings per month!). Wordstream do a range of fantastic crash courses in their PPC Univeristy.

Check out the Wordstream PPC University


Other sources of marketing training and support

The internet can be a wonderful place for learning thins for free, but don’t forget to check out eLearning providers such as Udemy and Lynda for paid courses (we often use courses from Udemy for our own team) and if you’re serious about developing your marketing skills and knowledge, why not consider looking at courses and certifications from organisations such as CIM or perhaps even your local colleges (try the National Careers Service), universities (via UCAS)or the Open University?

We’re always available to support your business with your marketing needs, too. Groof specialises in working with small and medium businesses: we can help you provide marketing training, consultancy and advice or even just ongoing marketing support to help you build your brand, reach your audience and sell more stuff.