RedAir cleared for takeoff…

RedAir cleared for takeoff…

RedAir cleared for takeoff… 1024 576 James

“This is Groof clearing takeoff for RedAir…”

Or that’s what I imagined myself saying as if my desk was a control tower, anyway. So, last week, the team said goodbye to development and hello to the go-live for in-flight entertainment and travel services company RedAir’s brand new website. The website is one of the first for our new creative marketing company following the launch of Groof just over a month ago and it comes attached to a shiny new corporate brand identity and marketing focus for the business, both of which our team has played a significant role in.

‘Making every journey personal’

Working with RedAir’s CEO, Richard Marsden, we’ve helped shape an image of RedAir’s multimedia platform that isn’t just plain old ‘tech’ view, but puts their product at the centre of journeys, of adventures and of the memories and emotions that come from travelling the world. RedAir aims to deliver individual, personalised content to travellers before, during and after their flights with a streaming platform for music, radio, movies and TV which is complemented by on-demand travel services, such as visa assistance and arranging transfers – great for busy travellers, whether business or pleasure!

Creating a simple, effective brand identity

RedAir Logo - Mersey Creative - Branding for SMEsRichard asked for ‘clean, simple and effective’ when briefing his branding vision – something we definitely think we’ve delivered on. We decided to bring the RedAir media platform to the front and centre of the branding, with a ‘play button’ sitting in the middle of the logo and playing a role as a branding device across other assets. The button gives the brand a sense of momentum, with the symbol bearing strong associations with moving forward.

The brand identity carried forward to the website in a beautiful, streamlined way with the simple black and red colour scheme playing a significant role in keeping the site feeling clean and tidy whilst allowing bold, striking images to deliver a greater depth of impact.

What next for RedAir?

Well, we’re pleased to say that Richard has asked us to work with him on more projects for RedAir, so keep an eye on RedAir’s website (visit to see which exotic destinations this exciting project leads us both to!




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