Achieve your digital ambitions

We’re digital champions for businesses of all sizes. Our digital services help you delight your customers and grow your business.

  • Your website is your shopfront, your mark on the internet, the face of your business.

    Bad websites can make good business look bad and good websites can make bad businesses look good – so imagine how powerful a great website can be for a great business!

    We design and build websites that grow and flex with your business, helping you get the most value out of your most important marketing tool.

  • Ok, so you’ve got a problem and you think it needs a digital solution? Whether there’s something slowing down your team or you need a better way to do something, we can help you apply the right technology to find the right answer.

    We listen to your requirements, understand your business process and create innovative digital solutions to solve business pain!

    We work in partnership with you and your team to understand what fits – we can help you identify the best path to build on your existing technology, integrate and customise off-the-shelf products or create completely bespoke technology solutions.

    Like the old saying goes: a technology problem shared is a technology problem solved and we’re here to listen.

  • Anyone who says running a digital business is easy has clearly never done it properly (anyway, what’s the point in doing something easy? Boring…)

    We support digital businesses in developing their propositions and creating innovative digital products from initial concept to full production release. Our team has experience in building bootstrapped solutions across multiple platforms (in other words, we know what it’s like to have no money and limited resources!).

    From product design and project management through to development and customer support, we can help bring your digital business ideas to life.

Groof helps you fuel your success, with creative digital service designed to drive your business growth
From websites, eCommerce stores and marketing campaigns, to UI design, digital products and apps, our clever solutions help bring your ideas to life.

It’s our mission to give business owners (like you – yes, you!) top-quality, creative and growth-focused support that help bring your ideas to life.

We know that you want ‘bang for your buck’ as well as someone you can trust to look after your business and brand. That’s why we do everything with zero fuss, we speak in plain English and we’re totally focussed on value for money.

We’ll work with you, for you and alongside you in whatever way works best for you. And whatever we do, we’ll get results.

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